Gavin Barnes is the Editor and Founder of ‘Corks, Forks and Travels’, an online magazine “devoted to food, drink and travel adventures from around the world”, he’s travelled to over 30 countries and is still out there, exploring faraway lands and experiencing new cultures. A modern-day buccaneer of worldly pleasures; a twenty-first century Jack Sparrow. When they end up making a film about this guy (starring Colin Farrell in the inspirational, career-defining lead role), just remember: you saw him here first.

But who is Gavin Barnes!? Legend has it that he ditched his job as a financial advisor for Life On The Road. But how did he do it? Where did begin? And more importantly, what’s on his bucket list!? We tracked him down to find out…


Where are you from originally?

I’m from San Diego, California, originally, although I was born in the UK which has proved to be pretty handy for living in Europe. During university I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study abroad in Italy, which was kind of the beginning for me. I loved the experience of travelling and living abroad, but more so I loved the freedom – I guess I was hooked. After my program, though, I returned to San Diego, finished university and got a job in finance.

What initially inspired you to quit your stable job and start doing what you’re doing?

There were a few things that pushed me to leave my career. Firstly, it wasn’t what I loved to do and I think that’s really what’s most important. There’s no use in doing something that doesn’t inspire you and finance never inspired me. I just did it because I thought it was what we were “supposed” to do. I later realised that the only thing you’re supposed to do is what makes you truly content. Some people are built for that career, but I definately wasn’t. Since I started travelling I’ve learned that I love that feeling of freedom you get and that was something I was really missing in my stable job. So that was it. I thought I would always regret it if I didn’t act – so I did! And here I am.

Did you always plan to start writing a blog, or did that come later?

I never planned on starting a blog, but the more I travelled and the more countries I lived in the more I started wondering if it was possible to turn travel into a permanent lifestyle. I had always been interested in writing and web design and studied a lot of that stuff in university, so it came fairly easy. I figured a well done blog would be my best chance at getting paid to travel, so I started Corks, Forks and Travels and that was that.

What have been your favourite memories and experiences while travelling?

Train journeys in Sri Lanka, trekking in Sumatra, surfing in Portugal and camel rides in the Sahara desert. But that’s just a few! I have great memories from every country I’ve visited. That’s the best thing about seeing the world: you always remember your experiences and they, in turn, make your life all the richer.

What’s on your bucket list at the moment?

For the future there are definitely so many places id like to visit. The big thing on my list right now is to embark on a long cycle journey either through eastern Europe or down the west coast of the United States from Canada down to San Diego. Hopefully I can make it a reality!

Learn more about Gavin and his adventures by visiting his website @


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