Bucket List Talks.TTB are our monthly gatherings brought to you by the TickTheBucket.org Project.


Oliver Rowe– Oliver is a well known British chef, having run Konstam and Konstam at the Prince Albert, (his legendary café) in London’s King’s Cross, the latter his ultra-local restaurant that featured on BBC2’s The Urban Chef. We thought he’d be the perfect person to guide you on following your culinary dreams into 2017.

Russ Smith– With a wealth of adventures from space hopping to kayaking, 1000 mile endurance journies and altitude mountaineering trips. Coming into his 20th year of outdoor experience, his trip focus is to inspire and make people smile, whilst planning personal firsts in swimming and European multidiscipline trip for private clients. Russ has been a speaker at Telegraph show 2016 & North Face outlets, compare at Snow & Rock stores and host of London talking series, Tales of Adventure, we are excited to have him on stage.

Edie Lush- Edie was the economics and political correspondent for Bloomberg Television, she regularly interviewed senior figures from finance and politics and now she gives talks on speaking confidently in public. Edie covered international political and economic events for Bloomberg such as IMF/World Bank meetings, European Union Summits and OPEC meetings. Before moving into journalism she was a political analyst for investment bank UBS. We thought, ‘who better to tell us the ins and outs of driving yourself forward to success and having the belief to make Bucket Lists happen?’, we can’t wait to hear her stories.


Our goal is to bring people together to get inspired, get informed and come together to tick items off your BucketLists. So far we’ve brought people together to help them run marathons, start doing stand-up comedy, becoming mixologists, learn Spanish, and so much more.

We scour the globe to find the best, wildest and most interesting storytellers and get them to show you how to follow in their footsteps.

Some of our guest speakers have included a Burlesque fire eating mademoiselle, Mr Spoonface who told us about his rise to a No.1 U.K single, Peter Penny who returned to tell us about his ‘year in the clouds’ (climbing the 12 of the tallest peaks in the world in one year) and Aimee Teesdale telling us about her journey from an estate in the North of England to a life as BucketList entrepreneur and many many more… Hold onto your seat and buy an edible hat because 2017 is set to be a big year.

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If you’d like to suggest anybody to speak at one of our events please email Oska at oska@tickthebucket.org

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