One of our favourite things to do at FLUX NEWS HQ is to reach out to people who are in the field following their Bucket List dreams and ask them how it all came about, where it all started and to get advice on how we can follow in their footsteps. Unsurprisingly enough one of the top things people want to do is learn to Salsa dance, so we reached out to Sunita Biddu a lady we a deep interest in all things musical and Salsa related. Have you ever wanted to learn to Salsa? This is what she said:


  1. What got you into starting Salsa dancing?

Challenge, opportunity and need.

I was around 12 years young I think when I wanted to participate in one of the dance performances happening in my school. And when I tried to give audition, everybody made fun of me. That ridicule and incidence stayed in my mind. I always wanted to dance, not for others but for myself, to feel good, to feel free.

I got the opportunity and freedom to learn salsa finally when I was 30. Without thinking twice, I went for the class… to never look back.


  1. Was it hard to get started?

Not at all! Because I wanted to dance, it was very easy. I was a good follower so I moved well right from day 1.

  1. How often would you say you need to attend classes to keep up with your dancing??

Every weekend. It’s important to keep your techniques polished and passion up. I do miss sometimes because of personal reasons or other commitments, but then I cover it up with attending a social night once in a month.

  1. Top tip for keeping fit enough for Salsa?

How about the other way – salsa itself keeps you fit enough for everything else when you are regular. Just be regular to dancing and walk a lot (take stairs whenever you can). My gym routine though compliments my flexibility and flow for salsa.


  1. What’s next on your Bucket List?

Singing 🙂 I was a playback singer in school for some time. And I wish to record an album someday soon.

And finally, can you give me three short pieces of advice for anybody that’s looking to get into Salsa dancing?

  1. If you really want to dance, don’t even wait or think of getting a partner. Just join some class today and you’d love your decision for life.
  2. Practice your basics everywhere anywhere. I danced walking to kitchen, washroom and everywhere. I practiced styling in parking lot when had few minutes to wait for someone. Just enjoy yourself and don’t care.
  3. Be consistent to your first 20 classes. The foundation and consistency matters.


And that’s a wrap from Sunita, thank you very much for taking your time out to speak to us Sunita FLUX HQ salutes you. If you wanted to check her out on Twitter:@hillingbreeze to check her out. Don’t forget to sing up to our newsletter for all your Bucket List FLUX NEWS updates.




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