We’ve all got “get a pilot’s licence” on our Bucket List, flying your own plane across the world with the freedom to travel wherever takes your fancy. That’s why this week we reached out to BitCoin enthusiast Eric Grill, a private pilot, scuba diver and navy veteran, to give us a picture of what it’s like to fly and own your own plane. This is what he said:


  1. When did you decide to become a pilot and why?

I decided to get my pilot’s license back in 2010 because I had moved and my youngest son was living a 14 hour drive away with his mother.


  1. What’s the process of getting your licence like? Was it expensive?

It wasn’t that expensive, I bought into a plane partnership and hired an airline pilot as an instructor, so I did it rather cheaply.  Normally it is a pretty expensive process.


  1. What’s the hardest thing about learning to fly?

THE RULES! Flying the plane itself is easy, but there are so many rules that you need to understand,  I had previous military experience so communications were easy but a lot of other people have trouble with that as well.


  1. What’s the most rewarding thing about flying for you?

It’s always challenging. No matter how much you know, there is always more to learn and you never know when something unexpected may happen.  It’s a great way to get away from work, the world and just focus on the task at hand.


  1. What’s the trickiest situation you’ve been in whilst in flight?

I’ve had a number of tricky situations,  I guess the one with the biggest pucker factor was landing on a very narrow strip with a 20 knot crosswind, rudder all the way to floor.


If you want to hear more of what Eric gets up to on his travels then check out his Twitter: @ericgrill.

And if this has inspired you to put getting a pilot’s licence on your Bucket List, then please head over to www.tickthebucket.org and join thousands of other people working together to make this Bucket List item a reality.


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