In 2013, with her love of freedom and the feeling of anonymity driving her and a long awaited Bachelor Degree behind her she found herself on her way to Denmark, where daydreaming lead her to South East Asia and the beginning of her life on the road. Torn between travelling, writing and reading she decided to pool her passions on the road to keep herself sane in this crazy crazy world! This is her story:


  1. Why did you decide to start travelling the world?


– This is a bit funny and weird! I was working on my first job after I finished my Bachelor’s degree, but I didn’t love it neither enjoy. So I decided to move to Denmark right away, that’s where I discovered I actually want to travel, I want to see something else. I want to understand the world better. At first, I thought it will just a few month’s thing, but I ended up going for months up to more than a year.


  1. Did you have anybody telling you this path was a bad idea? How did you overcome that?


– Oh yes, a lot. Some of them are actually people you don’t expect to say it was a bad idea. Although at the same time, you know they do care that’s why they said it. Most of the time, it gets under my skin and had to spend nights and days thinking about it. But I always find myself moving forward and following my guts.


  1. Did you ever think it was too big of a challenge for you?


– Every single day I do see travelling, especially long-term is a big challenge. Every other day, I will doubt myself for the decisions I’ve made or decisions I have to make. I think the saddest yet interesting thing about my lifestyle at the moment is even I do believe in myself, I always have this corner in my head that I’m wasting my time or money. I always have the idea that maybe I should grow up and start a proper career.


  1. Have you met anybody that has given your adventures direction?


– Yes! I used to love planning, it gives me a better idea what’s ahead of me or saves me more money. This all changed as I travel further and meet awesome people along the way. I’ve met a total stranger on an island in Vietnam, I ended up travelling with him the whole country, a few weeks later, we decided to travel again in Myanmar together. I once met with a backpacker a hostel who I ended up visiting in his own country. Another stranger who I was selling a tour to end up meeting up with me in Malaysia, whom I travelled with up to Thailand.


I think the key is to live the moment, letting your adrenaline and crazy ideas take you to places. It’s about saying yes to what’s right in front of you. That’s where the magic happens, that’s where the crazy adventures were created.


  1. What was your first big travelling adventure like as you were getting on the plane heading into the unknown?


– AM I DOING THE RIGHT DECISION? This was the biggest question in my head when I hopped on the plane heading to Denmark. I’ve never travelled out of the Philippines nor have been on an aeroplane before that! I basically left my family and friends behind, I was heading to a place which was an unknown to me, I don’t know anyone out there.


  1. What’s been your favourite location to date and why?


– This question always pops up, I always struggle to answer! Because all places I’ve been so far are different from each other. If we will talk about the beauty of the place and its people, definitely Myanmar (Burma). The place is something out from a book, it’s a less travelled road, it’s the “unknown place”. The locals are ridiculously nice, they are unbelievably friendly and accommodating.


  1. What’s the biggest reward you get from travelling?


– A couple of things. I have friends almost everywhere in the world, I will look on my Facebook, every time their name shows up, it brings the memory we shared together. I learnt to be able to adjust to different situations easily, I get more open minded about the cultural differences of everyone. And of course, it’s the stories I could tell, I could repeat the same story and never will get tired of telling it.


  1. If you could give anybody three pieces of advice looking to get into travelling what would they be?


– First, open your mind. There’s no way you will appreciate travelling if you keep your mindset just how it was back home, if you expect every place and people to react and treat you the way like home, there’s no chance you will enjoy your trip.


Secondly, be ready to drift away from your own friends and family. The world will teach you to be more accepting, more open, wiser, and more understanding, but it will not teach your friends and family the same. It will not show them what you have seen, and this, it will unintentionally drift you away from the closest people you have in your life before you travel.


Third, bring a massive lightweight scarf, that will serve as your bath towel when none is available, this will protect your skin from the heat and dust, this will make your life 10x easier when visiting sacred places. Bring a notepad, you don’t have to write every day, even just writing small notes to remind you of funny, crazy, and mind blowing experiences you will get to experience. It’s nice to read them when you are done travelling.


  1. Finally, what’s next on your Bucket List?


– I honestly ditched my bucket list a month after I started backpacking! But there’s always one thing I’ve been dying to do, I want to move to South America. I don’t know when or how, but it will happen.


And that’s it, that’s what Mary had to say about travelling the world and we wanted to say a big thank you Mary for taking your time out and talking to us. If you’d like to see more from Mary please head over to her blog:


Thanks for reading folks.




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