Mark is an ex-British Military Commando. After serving 7 years, he went on to run across America, break the 100 kilometre treadmill world record, win first place in the Strava Distance Challenge and travel to over 50 countries. As well as this, he has interviewed a vast array of high achievers from his base in the Hard Rock Cafe Vault Room, asking them about success and overcoming adversity. We reached out the Mark to ask him a few questions about his adventures and this is what he said…

FLUX CHATS is our new Podcast from where we’ve been reaching out far and wide to find the people that are doing the things on our Bucket Lists and finding out how they did it.


How did you get started?

I started to do it because it was all that I wanted to do. I remember I listened to an interview with a guy called Martin Lewis, an old news reader, and Anthony Hopkins. He asked him one of his tips for success and he said: ‘risk death, risk destruction, risk being the fool and just go for it.’ It was a long interview, but that bit really inspired me. I always dreamt of interviewing successful people and now I’m living that dream.

What is it that keeps you going?

The idea of constant improvement, really. I don’t want to go out of life not achieving what I want to achieve. I’ve been able to achieve a lot of my dreams; the skydives, the marathons, travelled to 50 countries. But that’s not me all done. I think when you start to succeed at these things more, you meet people who have succeeded more than you. I remember on one of my trips in Europe being sat with a bunch of people and saying that I’d been to 50 countries, a couple next to me then said that they’d been to 70, and then another guy said that he’d done 120. I’m inspired by that. There’s so much to do!

I remember I never truly fitted into being a commando. I always a bit too rebellious in my younger days, read too many books, didn’t like being told what to do. But since I’ve gotten out, I mean… I was talking to another commando the other day and he was saying, ‘I can’t believe what you’re achieving now, you’re like a different person.’ And it was then that I realised that all this stuff has changed me, changed me for the better. It shows that when you put your mind to the task, you know, you can achieve great things.

What keeps you inspired?

Hmm. I tend to see something and get inspired by it. If you can see something and visualise it, then you just want to get out there and do it. For me, as a father, I’m totally committed to being the best father I can be. What inspired me is, really, is my son, being able to inspire him, being able to take him to Disney, you know, I want to take him to every Disney in the world! Other than that, I’m inspired by people who help other people, because that’s the kind of person that I want to be.

What is it that keeps you going when running?

I think it’s just the only thing I can do. I get competitive and want to see how good I can be. I’m realistic as well, you know, you’ve got to know your capabilities. I’m not one of those people who says that certain things aren’t possible, I think that anything is possible, but there’s always an element of luck involved too. Ultimately, you’ve just got to do the best with what you’ve got.

How is it that your able to travel all over the world and do all these amazing things?

I’m able to do it because I wanna do it. It’s not like someone dropped £1 million on my lap. That’s not the reality for most of us. In this day and age, travel can be expensive but you can make the money. I’ve used GoFundMe, I’ve saved up money myself. Now I’m in a position to get money for my services, so it’s just a matter of making the first jump and working towards where u want to be.


A huge thank you to Mark for giving his time for this interview and if you want to know more visit Mark’s website for more details on his up and coming adventures.

Full Podcast episode to come with the launch of our new Podcast next week.





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