Dropping out of university, buying a camper van and running away to Europe with a guy within 2 weeks of meeting him wasn’t particularly on my list of things to do before the summer ended. But then again, the best times in life are usually random, unplanned and completely spontaneous.


It’s finally here! After what seems like the most stressful journey in the history of all journeys and after meeting the weirdest selection of people ever, my boyfriend Gary and I own a camper van. And we love it already.


Obviously buying the camper van wasn’t without some entertainment. We bought the camper online thinking it would go smoothly, but boy were we wrong. After searching for what seemed like forever, the camper found us and we were adamant that we were walking away with it. After calling the owner, Jonny, various times (every 5 seconds) (I was a super keen bean), we were greeted by an older, intelligent and well-off dude who couldn’t have been any more friendly.


We drove for miles out into the countryside where we met on the driveway of a beautiful big house; just casually past his equestrian centre. Even though I could already see myself cruising around Europe in this beauty, we played it cool and Jonny spontaneously knocked £500 off the price. We liked Jonny.


We decided to pick the van up the next day. After having a very complicated conversation with Jonny’s son, who didn’t know who Jonny was for the first 5 minutes, we arranged to pick it up at his house. On arriving at this new destination AKA a gypsy site we were welcomed by what seemed the king of the gypsies, and also a very drunk Jonny… lets not forget it was 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon.


The weirdness continued to roll in as we met Jonny – a particular shout out to his son for trying to control an over-weight drunk man while he continued to shout and point, saying I was prettier than his 6 daughters. We wearily handed the money over to his son, who whilst walking away said, ‘how much did you agree?’ After realising we could have paid a lot less money and passing down the opportunity for Jonny to drive us home, we decided to make a quick get away.


The fact that it wasn’t Jonny’s house we originally met at but instead some strangers driveway and that he said it would easily make it to Scotland when asked if it would be ideal for a road trip around Europe was slightly worrying but hey-ho, we now own our very own camper proudly named after the legend himself, Jonny.


The plan was to park the camper in my fathers garage, work our asses off for 2 weeks before running away to Dover where the adventure would begin. The only problem being: I hadn’t told my parents. Nor had they met my boyfriend…


My mum, it turns out, couldn’t send me away quick enough, whilst dad was neither impressed nor happy. It’s a sensitive subject in my household and kinda hard to ignore the elephant in the room when a giant beast of a van is taking up the entire driveway.


It maybe big but it’s actually VERY cute. It has everything we need: 2 double beds, a shower, toilet, fridge, oven, hob and sink. Living The Dream. Even though it was hard for everyone to come around to the idea, I am ready to embark on my first big adventure around Europe; no planning, no organising, no limits. And, if it makes any difference, I have never met anyone who has quit their job, left school and given up their life at home to see the world and regretted it. None.


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