Fabricio is a classical pianist from Brazil whose YouTube videos have been gaining attention and providing entertainment to thousands of people online. Heaps of people have been writing on their Bucket List that they want to get into classical music so we reached out to a pro.

1. Where does your love of Piano come from?

When I was little I watched cartoons like Woodpecker, Tom & Jerry, Bugs Bunny and so on. In all these cartoons the protagonists played piano. Liszt, Chopin and etc. That’s where the urge to play the piano came from.

2. Do you have any tips or tricks to keep you practising, when all you want to do is something else?

The tip I always give is: train as hard as you can. Mozart was good because at the age of four he had trained more than many 60-year-old musicians. I do not study piano any more these days. I only train what I’m going to film or going to present somewhere, which is extremely rare here in Brazil.

3. What sort of time frames do you think somebody is looking at the be able to play a musical instrument, specifically the Piano?

It depends on how many hours the person will study piano. People who study 2 hours a day for a year will play better than people who study 5 minutes per day for 20 years. So when someone says, “I played an instrument 20 years ago,” they do not necessarily know how to play.

4. Who’s the greatest piano player of all time and why?

I did not know all the pianists on earth, but for me Mozart was the most complete musician / composer of all time, for he played countless instruments and composed with incredible speed. As a pianist, I think Georges Cziffra was the greatest pianist of all time because he played extremely difficult songs at mind-boggling speeds. However, I did not know all the musicians / pianists in the world, so you can not know who really was the best and the most skilled. We know these phenomena because the marketing on them was better than that of other musicians.

5.What’s been the most exciting moment of your career? 

The best moment of my career has not yet happened. I make videos playing piano to attract audiences to one day generate flow in my own songs. I am an audio engineer and producer of electronic music, but I can not put them on the radio, television and so on. It is very difficult to make people listen to a song from someone they do not know. But the thing I like the most today is when my video surpasses the Brazilian exosphere and reaches the whole world.


If this has inspired your Bucket List, write it down via our main website TickTheBucket.org to connect with thousands of people looking to do the same thing. If you want to check out more from Fabricio head over to his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/BrasilianMusician to see what he’s been up to. Thanks Fabricio, we wish you all the best, TTB HQ


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