Today we met inspiring Chris Hughes, an entrepreneur, author, and surfer who is “living his dream”. How? This is what he said:


  1. Where did your own personal journey start and how has that lead you to where you are today?


I first started what I consider the turning point of my life when I was 20 years old and going to a community college. I had gone to a big university my freshman year of college and had absolutely terrible grades. I partied my face off and had an absolute blast, but I knew it wouldn’t/couldn’t always be that way. The next year I went to a local community college to try to re-start myself. It was there that I first learned about affiliate marketing.


I came across a few different books around that time and learned about using to sell other people’s products and get a commission.


For the next 4 years, I learned and failed a lot. Another major point happened when I was 24 and packed up all my stuff in a storage unit, quit my job and moved to Panama to learn from a mentor for a few months. That single decision led me to my first real business breakthrough and seeing what was actually possible with finances and leveraging the internet.


  1. You’re a guy with heaps of different interests and talents, did it all happen at once or has it been one thing at a time?


That’s a difficult question to answer. I’ve always been fascinated by a lot of different things and I tend to go deep into things that interest me. For example, when I was younger, I became a “master juggler” aka someone who can juggle 5 balls. I practised for hours on end to learn and improve my skills with that. (I now have written a book and have a video course on how to juggle at )


As for all other interests, it’s just been a domino effect on these new interests. I’d learn one skill and that would lead to wanting to learn another… or I would meet someone who was an absolute badass in something, and I’d have to know more about it… so I would study them and learn from them.


I know that each year I’ll learn new things, and new interests will arise from each year.


In 2012 I learned how to surf when I took a trip to see one of my best friends in Costa Rica. After that, I made a decision that I would build a business that made me money whether or not I worked so that I could spend more time pursuing my interest in surfing. Since then, I’ve surfed all over the place and make it a very important part of my life.


  1. Have you had any mentors helping you through?


I have had so many mentors throughout my life it’s honestly amazing. I’ve been so blessed to have found people to help me along with both my personal life goals as well as my business goals. Mentors save years of failure and I will continue to hire coaches to help me improve and follow my mentors as I continue to grow.


  1. There is always a book or a movie that people that live big lives say helped them turn the corner, is this the same for you and what was it?


The Four Hour Work Week was that book for me. It was I believe in 2008 that I first read it and had the “aha!” moment. The moment that it’s possible to live a badass life, as long as I built up a business to fund it.


  1. What have been the biggest obstacles in your career and how did you overcome them?


My biggest obstacles have all been self-imposed limits on things. Growing up in a small town it was difficult to find people who related to my dreams.


Putting limits like “making $50,000 in a month is impossible” was pretty common, because growing up in the small town, that was more than an average person made in a year. Other things like “you can’t have it all” has always bothered me. It seriously is possible to have everything you’ve ever wanted if you’re willing to get specific on what you want and take the steps to build it.


Mentors have helped so much with overcoming those old beliefs and surrounding myself with badass friends who have amazing businesses has helped. Having a peer group that challenges one another is a great way to level up.


  1. What’s been the most rewarding achievement you’ve had to date and why?


This is going to sound a little weird, but I LOVE helping people and I’m super proud of the people I’m able to help. I have a folder on my desktop titled “Chris is Awesome” and its screenshots of messages that people have sent me over the year after I’d helped them with something.


It’s little things sometimes, helping someone’s family get something or helping one of my mentees hit one of their financial goals in their business.


Plus, it’s a way to positively brainwash myself when I’m having a down day. It’s impossible to remain down when you spend 10 minutes reading about how awesome you are from other people you’ve helped 🙂


  1. What’s been your biggest learning that you’d like to pass on to others?


The biggest learning thing… hmm. I’d have to say be specific about the exact life you want to live. Too many people aren’t 100% clear on what they want, which is why they never get it.


Putting something down on paper, like doing the ideal day activity, makes it real in your mind. Once that happens, it’s simply finding out how to make that life a reality. It’s usually pretty simple after that. You find a mentor who’s where you want to be and you learn how to design your life the same way.


… and testing. I run a lot of paid advertising and testing EVERYTHING leads to the biggest breakthroughs.


Finally, what’s next on your Bucket List?


Next on the bucket list right now is going to Angkor Wat with my girlfriend, which we’re going to do in a few days… and then running with the bulls in Pamplona Spain in July!

We wish Chris all the best and thank him for talking to us (and off to build a business to sustain a badass lifestyle!). Find more about Chris’s adventures here and many more inspiring stories in our FLUX NEWS




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