Don Jamieson is an Emmy Award-Winning comedian whose work has been broadcast by comedy central and the likes. He currently hosts a TV show called “That Metal Show” where he interviews rock legends about their careers and what projects they are currently working on. Don’s a comedy legend on his circuit and we knew he was the guy to tell us a little about the life of a comedian.


1.What does the normal working day for a comedian look like?
Sleep late, write, work on business/bookings, travel, perform at night. If set goes badly, re-write entire act.  If set goes well, watch a ‘Hoarders’ marathon.

2. What is the process of getting booked for shows like?
If you have an agent, he or she pretty much takes care of that end of things.  If you book your own shows it involves lots of calls, emails and a roller-coaster of acceptance/rejection.

3. How many years did it take you of pushing your work to start to receive the notoriety that made it feel worth it?
As long as it’s still fun, it’s always worth it.  

4. What keeps you going out there and putting yourself on the line?

Beats becoming a Chilean coal miner.

5. Funniest joke you’ve ever heard?
Nothing that can be printed here I’m afraid.  Anything by George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Andrew Dice Clay, Otto & George.

6. Three pieces of advice for anybody looking to get into comedy?
The more serious you take it, the funner and funnier it will be.  Develop your own style…don’t worry about how other comics do what they do.  Try it once…you’ll know after the first time whether it’s right for you or not.

And finally, what’s next on your Bucket List?

Well, I’ve already won an Emmy-Award so…how about a Grammy?


Don, thanks for giving us your time. If anybody wants to check out his stuff, go to his website:  or check him out on Twitter  @JamesBWhiteside. If this has sparked an interest in ticking this off your Bucket List head over to where hundreds of people are joining together to make Bucket List magic happen, rock ‘n’ roll style.


Thanks Don,



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