Bucket List Talks.TTB are our monthly gatherings brought to you by the TickTheBucket.org Project.


  • Peter Penny – Peter summited a mountain a month for a year. Documented women’s life in the slums of Delhi and in Mumbai. Filmed Cheetahs in Namibia and now is planning an expedition to an unknown Arctic. He wants you to “Find the new fear-facing you”.
  • Henry Ofori-Kuragu – A spoken word poet, whose inspirational words focus on overcoming the barriers that we all face, dealing with mental health and breaking from the mundane of the soulless 9-5. A friend of TickTheBucket came back from one of his shows and told us we had to to get in touch with him. Very excited to have him as one of our guest speakers for the evening.
  • Ex-Ice Maidens – In 2017 a British Army female team will cross the Antarctic landmass. The team will walk 1700km in temperatures as low as – 50°C facing wind speeds of over 60mph.Following in the footsteps of Felicity Aston MBE, an inspirational explorer who was the first woman to complete a solo crossing of Antarctica, the route will start at the bottom of the Leverett Glacier on the Ross Ice Shelf and will head up to the South Pole before heading to Hercules Inlet on the Ronne Ice Shelf; a total of nearly 1700km.
  • Jen Lowthrop – Jen has escaped the 9-5 and is now an international travel writer and blogger –  “If it sounds exciting, different, crazy… the chances are I want to do it. Craving adventure wherever I go, I share my travels across the globe, from weekends away to full-time travel adventures”- check out her blog http://shegetsaround.co.uk/ for a sneaky trailer

Our goal is to bring people together to get inspired, get informed and come together to tick items off your BucketLists. So far we’ve brought people together to help them run marathons, start doing stand-up comedy, becoming mixologists, learn Spanish, and so much more.

We scour the globe to find the best, wildest and most interesting storytellers and get them to show you how to follow in their footsteps.

Some of our guest speakers have included a Burlesque fire eating mademoiselle, Mr Spoonface who told us about his rise to a No.1 U.K single, Peter Penny who returned to tell us about his ‘year in the clouds’ (climbing the 12 of the tallest peaks in the world in one year) and Aimee Teesdale telling us about her journey from an estate in the North of England to a life as BucketList entrepreneur and many many more… Hold onto your seat and buy an edible hat because 2017 is set to be a big year.


To attend any of our events follow the Eventbrite hyperlink.

If you’d like to suggest anybody to speak at one of our events please email Oska at oska@tickthebucket.org

We hope to see you at our next gathering!




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