Author, blogger and freelance journalist, Rosalind has been to some places that can make even the most seasoned traveller a little green! Specialising in travel, fashion and culture, her blog aims to connect the dots between these through musings and observations. Her blog is definitely worth checking out! We had a chat to find out how life is her end:


  1. When did you decide to start travel writing?


I’ve always been a journalist who specializes in arts and culture. I loved to travel but it didn’t occur to me to combine the two until one day I was leaving for a vacation to Jamaica and my editor suggested that I write something about it when I got back. I wrote the story and it attracted the attention of other editors and pr reps who invited me on press trips until my focus switched from arts and culture to travel, although I still write about the arts.


  1. Did you ever think that maybe travel writing wasn’t the thing for you?


No, it’s hard work and I’ve just realized that you need a break from it in order to stay fresh but I’ve never thought it wasn’t for me.


  1. Did you have any inspiration or mentors that helped you on your journey?


Yes, I had friends in the Society of American Travel Writers who inspired me to really dig deep and tell compelling stories.  Karen Berger, who’s written a lot of travel guides and books, became my mentor and sponsor to become a member of the organization.


  1. What was the first travel experience that you wrote about?


The first travel experience that I wrote about was that trip to Jamaica, which left a very deep impact on me. I’ve subsequently written about portions of the trip in the anthology Rough Guide to Women Travel.


  1. How do you get your inspiration for the next piece or even where you are going to travel to?


It’s honestly a process that I’m still trying to organize. I get invited to countless press trips and I have to decide which ones truly interest me and what will be easy to sell to editors. Sometimes it gets so crazy with back to back trips that I don’t have time to really absorb the experiences. I took 16 trips last year and I now realize that it was too much. I’m scaling back this year and leaving a little more time in between trips. I’m inspired by my experiences in the destination. Often, I meet someone or see a place that I immediately know will make a great story.


  1. What’s the biggest reward that you get from travelling?


The biggest reward is the privilege of seeing different cultures and different landscapes and learning how people live their lives. It’s a very inspirational thing. It’s also rewarding sharing these stories and encouraging other people to travel,


  1. How long does it take for you to get the itch and head out on another journey?


I’m typically traveling at least once a month and depending on the length of time and depth of the experiences of my last trip, I’m usually ready to head out again after two months at home although lately, I haven’t even been home for that long!


What’s next on your Bucket List?


I’m thrilled to have experienced several of my bucket list places recently- Haiti, Santa Fe and Cuba! My next big bucket list journeys will be Ghana and Senegal next year!


Huge thanks to Rosalind and I really recommend checking out more of her journeys over a her blog!


Let us know who/what your biggest inspirations were for travelling and where you go to find more inspiration below!


Happy reading




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