Chef Dennis is a Chef with a huge online following an amazing dishes to boot. His food has inspired hundreds of thousands of people from all across the world and we thought it was well worth reaching out to him to tell us what the journey or becoming a top class chef looks like, this is what he said:


  1. Where did your love of cooking start and how do you think others can find it?


My love for cooking started at an early age, along with my love of eating!  My biggest inspiration came as a teen watching Graham Kerr aka The Galloping Gourmet.  He travelled the world, enjoying different cuisines and brought his creations into our homes on his cooking shows.  I would watch his guests moan with pleasure tasting his dishes and thought that would be such a great way to make a living.

To find your own love for cooking, think back to your childhood and those dishes that you loved and try to recreate them in your kitchen.  Cook foods that you enjoy and remember that recipes are guidelines and swap out ingredients you don’t like whenever possible.  Getting your family and friends involved in the process is also a great way to make it fun.  And if cooking is fun, you’ll enjoy it and do it more often.


  1. What was cooking like in the early days for you, (It’s a hard industry to work you way up, no)?


Working in a professional kitchen is very difficult.  It’s hard on the body and the hours can be very demanding.  I started as an apprentice in the kitchen learning my trade at the side of CIA trained chefs.  I continued my training at my local community college getting a degree in Hospitality.   While the job can be very rewarding and you’ll always work, being in a professional kitchen is not for everyone.


  1. What does the average day in the kitchen look like?


An average day in a kitchen would start with making sure all of your equipment is working and ready to go.  Next, we move on to supplies, checking what you’ll need for the day and making sure everything is on hand and ready to use.  At that point, you may begin by placing orders for needed products if necessary.   Depending upon your kitchen and what you need to be accomplished, you’ll more than likely need help.  Having tasks ready for your employees is also crucial so no time is wasted deciding what they need to do to get ready for meal service.

After all the planning stages are done (including your own work), you can begin prep work for the day and sometimes work that needs to be started 2 -3 days ahead of time.  This is where good planning is crucial.

Know what you need to do.

Have all the ingredients you need on hand.

Assign tasks and timelines for your employees


  1. What keeps you in the cooking?  


It’s what I do.  Cooking defines me, I couldn’t think of any other career that would be as rewarding or make me as happy.  I love feeding others and making them happy with my food.


  1. What’s been the biggest moment of your career so far?


I really don’t know what that would be.  I’ve fed presidents, movie stars, recording stars and professional athletes.  But the person I enjoy pleasing the most is whoever I’m feeding at that time.   Everyone I serve is important to me and I want to make them happy.


  1. Have you got three tips for anybody looking to get into cooking or being a professional chef?


Love what you do

Never stop learning and experimenting.  Everyone can teach you something, even if its, What not to do.

Take care of your body or your later years won’t be as enjoyable.


  1. What’s next on your Bucket List?


I’ve currently expanded my job title to be a Food and Travel Blogger.  And some days it seems I work more than I did in my restaurant days.  This was my retirement plan…lol.

I’ve found that tourism is big throughout the world, and as a trained chef I bring more to the table than just a travel blogger.  I can share an area’s culinary scene from a chef’s viewpoint, which has been making me very popular in the travel industry.  


So as for my bucket list,  Travel to Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica. It may take a while for me to get there, but keep your eye out for my next culinary adventure, because you never know where that might be.


And that’s what Dennis said, we are hugely thankful to him for taking time out to speak to us and if you’d like to check any of his special dishes check out his website: and if you’d like a bit more Bucket List inspiration check out our some more stories be sure to sign up to our newsletter (it’ll pop-up). Much appreciated guys.



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