Vicki took her first bold steps into travelling in 1990 which lead to four long-term trips, numerous short vacations and time living abroad. Visiting a total of 86 countries and living in six European countries including Scotland, Spain and Romania, I think it is fair to say she is a fairly seasoned traveller. Preferring Hispanic countries and enjoying the culture and simplicities a new place has to offer. The combination of decades of experience in publishing with life coaching and world travel lead to her remote consultancy work in the travel and communications field. We caught up with the mother of Voyager Vicki to ask her a few questions:


  1. What’s the first step to becoming a Digital Nomad?

Deciding how you will work and travel is probably the first step. Do you have a skill or a job you can do anywhere in the world? Will you be starting a business? Will you be house sitting, volunteer working on a farm or somewhere for free accommodation, or doing something else to keep expenses minimal?


For me, I kept my full-time job that I had been telecommuting with from my home in Washington, DC, for over a year. So, my first step was telling my employer. Then, finding a place to live in my first new home—Paris. Making the decision to become location independent is perhaps the most difficult part. Afterwards, it’s just working out the logistics to make it happen.


  1. What is the biggest doubt that you overcame before you decided to give it a go?

My biggest concern was would my employer be ok with it. And, what would I do if they weren’t. But, I was really needing a change, as I had lived in the same place for 15 years and was ready for some new adventures, so I knew I had to find out.


  1. Were there any books or people that you looked to that showed you the way of this unique journey?

I had unconsciously been preparing for this for months (or even years) through various blog posts I read from bloggers who were location-independent and inspirational podcasts (especially Zero to Travel Podcast) I listened to that piqued my interest. And, I had even thought about it over 10 years earlier when I fantasized about how to do life coaching remotely while travelling. Only when I found out that my work contract would continue throughout the year and I would have several months of guaranteed income did I realize that the time was right and I had all the resources in place that I needed to become nomadic.


  1. What’s been one of the hardest things you’ve experienced being a Digital Nomad?

Since I stay in apartments, not hotels, and prefer working at home instead of at cafés or co-working spaces, meeting new people and dealing with loneliness are constant struggles. I work an east coast (U.S.) schedule, so in Europe, I worked nights and travelled on the weekends making it difficult to meet new people and develop relationships.


  1. How long do you stay in one place? Do you think you’ll ever stop moving around?

I don’t get special visas, so my limit is usually 3 months in a country—including travel. So, I usually just live in a destination for 2 months or less. I’m a fairly new digital nomad (1 year now), so I don’t have any plans in the near future to stop moving.


  1. What’s the biggest reward that you get from being a Digital Nomad?

Working while travelling gives me the opportunity to see much of the world affordably. I can mostly choose where I want to call my new home and how long I want to stay there before moving on. It’s also a great way to get to know other cultures like a local and test out where I might want to live long-term in the future.


  1. What’s the next place you intend to head on your adventures?

I’m planning on spending the fall (2017) in one of my favourite countries—Mexico.

What’s the next thing on your Bucket List?

There are many more destinations I want to see, as well as many favourite places I want to return to and spend more time getting to know better. I’m sure I’ll eventually want to “settle down” again and have a permanent home. But not for a while—I’m really enjoying the freedom to explore for now.


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