One of the biggest things anybody can imagine from their Bucket List is to be on a stage performing their art to thousands, or in Richie’s case millions, of on-lookers. Having run for over 10 years, the X-factor has become a staple of British culture and in 2014, Stevie Richie had the privilege of showcasing his talents to the nation. With thousands of people vying to follow in his footsteps, we couldn’t help but reach out to him and ask him how the hell he did it.

1. What was life like before you went on the X-Factor?
My life before x Factor I worked in a call centre and tried so many Auditions, and I just wanted to change my life for me and my daughter.
2. When did you decide you wanted to give it a go?
I have always loved x Factor I auditioned 6 times before but never got anywhere, but when Simon Cowell came back I decided to give it one more try.
3. What was the audition process like?
The audition process was very hard thousands of people and I thought I never get anywhere but I gave it everything I got.
4. What was Simon Cowell like as a mentor?
Simon was the best ever I loved him! He is a warm caring and genuine man who I really got on well with – I miss him.
5.What was your most exciting experience on the show?
Everything was exciting on the show, but to have my daughter, Summer, and my family be a part of my journey was amazing. I loved singing ‘music of the night’ from Phantom of the Opera.
6. How has your life changed since your audience and fanbase has grown?
Life has changed, it’s been amazing and I am very grateful. I went from 500 followers on twitter to now at present 117,000 followers. It’s amazing and I love all my fans and supporters.
What’s next on your Bucket List?
Next for me is to achieve my goals: becoming a TV presenter and to have my own show. I also want to be on Eastenders and to be in a West end musical, but more importantly, I want to be happy.

And finally, can you tell us three short pieces of advice for anybody that’s looking to get onto the X-factor?
The only advice I would give anyone is… just be you at all times, don’t change for anyone and don’t worry what people think. And just keep going.
Stevi Ritchie thank you very much for your time, your performances were awesome and we will never forget you, a big thank you for your time!
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On your Bucket List, which X-factor Judge would you have?


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