Jenny Morris – AKA The Giggling Gourmet – is one of SA’s most-loved food personalities she is an author, magazine writer, radio and TV presenter, celebrity chef, teacher and culinary tour guide who has had an ongoing love affair with food since she was a child, when she started making mouth watering treats for school fundraisers.  This is what she said:


1.Where did your love of cooking start and how do you think others can find it?

It started in my parents vegetable garden, my love of fresh beautiful ingredients began there. My parents encouraged us to cook, we all assisted with the preparation of the meals in some way, be it collecting vegetables from the garden, peeling them or stirring a pot. I knew from a very young age that I was meant to be a chef, and I am lucky to have realised my dream.

You will know that you have that passion for food and cooking, it burns in you, you don’t find it, it finds you!


  1. What was cooking like in the early days for you, (It’s a hard industry to work your way up, no)?

Hard work, it was very much a man’s world when I got started, now it’s an open playing field, and anyone who is prepared to work hard and learn can play.


  1. What does the average day in the kitchen look like?

Its an early start like in most chefs kitchen, the dishes for the “Yumcious Kilo Table ” have been decided on and we have to have the food ready by 11 am for lunch, everything is prepared fresh on the day every day so there is a lot of pressure first thing in the morning.

Then I  spend some time developing new recipes….placing orders. Testing new products, writing, eating and so much more.


  1. What keeps you in the cooking?

My passion for fresh ingredients and good food is what drives me, and while that burns in me I will keep cooking. I create new recipes daily and I am kept busy testing them, it fuels me.


5.What’s been the biggest moment of your career so far?

There have been lots of wonderful moments the first biggest moment for me was my own cooking slot on Radio, then I  opened my Cooking School “The CooksPlayground” and when I published my first Cook Book and  second being when I was the first South African to be signed to Food Network and my TV programs went out to more than 140 Countries.


  1. Have you got three tips for anybody looking to get into cooking or being a professional chef?

It starts with passion, keep that passion alive it will be your driving force.

Be totally committed this is an industry that is filled with hard work and long hours, but it will pay off.

Be adventurous, try and taste new ingredients, be in tune with seasons and celebrate them on your plates. Don’t over engineer your dishes.

Always keep your knife sharp and your mind open!


  1. What’s next on your Bucket List?

I take people on Food Tours to places like China, Malaysia, India, Morocco, Thailand, Vietnam, I’d like to investigate Food tours to Japan, Indonesia and Australia next.


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