Born in Sri Lanka and having the opportunity to grow in various countries and cultures from Dubai, through Pakistan to Australia and England among others! Finally settling in downtown Toronto with her other half Chris and managing to balance family life with the “pre-baby lifestyle”. On maternity leave in 2011 with a newborn and extra time on her hands, the blog was born and now covers everything from local events on “Manic Mondays” to fashion and style on “fashion Fridays”! We thought we would stop in with her to see what life is like travelling with children?


  1. What was the world like before Yashy Murphy got into travelling the world?

Well, I started travelling when I was 3 months so the world was all new and shiny to me! I’d like to think the world had a little less sparkle and a little less tolerance but that’s just speculation!


  1. Was there a big moment when you decided to leave it all behind and hit the road, what was it and why?

Wanderlust might as well be my middle name. Growing up my family moved often as my parents worked in the travel industry and their promotions at work meant new destinations to call home. Yet, here I was sitting in Toronto, in the same apartment since I landed in the country –10 years later! We kept travelling every month, but the desire to explore the world full time beckoned and my husband finally said “yes”! His company folded and he felt he was ready for the adventure I had been dreaming about and so we packed up our home, threw out a bunch of our belongings and I quit my job before pulling our daughter out of school (our son was still too young for school). The moment finally felt right and so we took the jump to go travelling for 5 months…who knows what the future will bring?


  1. When did you decide to start writing about your travels, what was that like?

I was sitting at home with a newborn and I was utterly bored. I was used to a busy corporate lifestyle filled with evening events and morning meetings. We knew we were going to visit family in India as soon as the 2 month vaccines were completed and our friends thought we were insane to jump on a long haul flight from Toronto to India with a 2-month-old…when my daughter was 11 days old, my brother convinced me that since I was so bored I should be writing about my crazy journey ahead and all the baby gear I had researched about. Voila! Baby & Life Was born!


  1. Is being a writer something you already are, or is it something you learn?

It’s something I am constantly learning. They say practice makes perfect but for me, new experiences bring new challenges and so my writing continuously evolves. When I travel for an extended period in a country where English isn’t spoken widely, I struggle a fair bit as I get used to speaking in broken sentences to communicate more effectively. Linguistics can be a funny thing!


  1. What was the biggest hurdle to travelling full time?

Balancing working and exploring. On one hand, you want to be in vacation mode at all times but then you remember that you also need to work to fund those tours and culinary pursuits! It took us a while to determine the right balance between working and playing and now we try to spend at least 5 days at each new place to give us a chance to explore and also get some work done.


  1. What is it that you love about travelling so much?

The unknown. There are new people to meet, cultures to experience, food to devour and things to learn. It’s all so fascinating and the more I do it, the more I crave it.


  1. What are the three big lessons you’ve learnt from travelling the world to date?

The importance of family and good friends. That a good sunset nourishes the soul and that the world is filled with wonderful people who are waiting to befriend!


  1. Finally, what’s the next thing on your Bucket List?

Visiting my final continent – Antarctica!


We’d like to say a big thank you to Yashy for taking the time. If you want to check out more on Yashy along with a ton of other great material head over to her blog.


Happy reading




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