Luca Manfe is a master chef winner and long life cook and food enthusiast.  One of the interesting cooking services he offers his guest is to come into their homes and cook for them (we’d love to try him out) and he’s even written his own book. Learning to cook is high on a lot of people’s lists and having a published book is definitely something high on my own Bucket List. This is what he had to say about his cooking journey.


  1. You emigrated to the U.S.A in your early twenties, was is to follow cooking or did you even have a reason?

I didn’t really have a reason. It was just about having fun, traveling and visit the USA.


  1. Was America what you expected at first?

I didn’t really have any expectations. I remembered that I loved it from the get-go. At 21 years old your perspective is pretty naff so I would have probably loved everything as long as it was fun.


  1. Have you always been a good chef, when and how did you get into cooking?

I am a good cook, I am not a chef. Masterchef is a competition for amateur cooks. Being on a reality show and even win it does not make you a chef. I have always liked to cook and the show gave me the opportunity to improve my skills and knowledge and be able to do what I love on a daily basis without going through years of experience or a culinary degree.


  1. When did you decide to apply for Masterchef and what was the application process like?

I was tired of being a restaurant manager and I thought the show could have been a great trampoline for a different carrier. The audition day is pretty crazy as you are standing on the line with 500 other hopefuls and you think how many people in the country are actually applying every year, but you just have to be yourself. I showed up in a Men in black style suit, so I think that and my Italian accent may have put me on top ob the list.


  1. What was being on the program like and how did it change your life?

It was an amazing experience. I loved every single second if it. From being on TV and learning TV times, cameras, lights, etc.. to the amazing opportunity to work with Chef Ramsey, Chef Elliot and Mr Bastianich. They were super nice and really thought me a lot. What I missed the most was the adrenaline of the competition. I remember that a few weeks after the show I was still waking up in the morning and have that feeling of being bored because I didn’t have to dress up on in studio to film and compete.

My life changed quite a lot. My catering service of ‘Dinner with Luca’ took me around the States for the past 3 years where I have cooked for 295 different homes and events.

I launched a food truck called “The Lucky Fig” and I am the brand ambassador for 3 great projects: Bauli, Frico Italia and Delivery Italiano.

Most of all though, my life is changed because I have 2 amazing little boys.


  1. What’s your favourite dish to cook and why?

There are many, but my favourites are the ones from my region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. I love to make ‘Frico’, something similar to a savory pancake with potatoes, onions and lots of Montasio cheese. It’s the most typical dish of my region, brings up so many memories and can tell you who I am and where I come from.


  1. Three pieces of advice for anybody looking to be a chef?

Work hard

Be eager to learn and do not wait for anybody to teach you, but just learn as much as you can. Not only at work, but at home on your own. Read cookbooks and watch videos.

Be creative, practice as much as you can. You will never be perfect, but only practice will get you as close as possible to perfection.


What’s next on your Bucket List?

Next, in order of time is to make famous our new home delivery service called “Delivery Italiano” and get it in thousands of homes across America.

Then I am still following the dream. One day I will have the restaurant on my dreams, but for now, I am just keeping on working to reach that goal.


And that’s that from Luca, if anybody would like to see what Luca’s most recent activities check out his website: and if you’d like to keep up to date with all the FLUX LIST’s Bucket List news, make sure you sign up to our newsletter.




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