Laura is a Glasgow based fashion, beauty and travel blogger come journalist. Having a background in theatre/performance and TV along with being featured in the likes of METRO, Yahoo! Style, The Scotsman, Mail online, Marie Claire and numerous others including radio, TV and podcasts, she describes herself as a “social media junkie” that “is makeup and skincare obsessed”! We caught up with her to find what’s next:


  1. Who was Laura Pearson-Smith before she became a blogger/ writer?


I worked in television and film as an actress, assistant director and assistant production coordinator. I moved from production to production and worked on films such as The Da Vinci Code and Harry Potter. I stopped this line of work when I started dating my husband, as I wanted to stay in Glasgow and my job meant that I had to live out of a suitcase on location. I’d always done little bits of published writing, so I decided to focus on doing this full-time, from home.


  1. What was the thing that called you out into the world of travel blogging?


I cover beauty and style as well as travel, but I’d always loved travelling and I wanted lots of exciting and unique experiences. Luckily, I’ve had them and hopefully will continue to have them as a result of travel writing.


  1. Did you ever wonder if you were cut out for the life of a writer?


No. I knew I was never cut out for a 9-to-5 job or having a ‘boss’, so it made sense for me to move from freelance TV and film work, to freelance blogging and writing work. I like being in control and I like that I never know what the next day will bring. It keeps things exciting.


  1. Was there a mentor or an inspiration that started you off on this journey?


I was lucky enough to have a lot of wonderful people help me get into the media industry when I was 18; including the amazing and extremely kind Judi Dench. I wanted to be part of the world full of people I admired so I networked like crazy and it paid off. Once I’d experienced this world, it has never been one that I wanted to leave. Yes, it’s hard work and often not glamorous, but on the other hand, there are a huge amount of perks and glamour to be had too.


  1. What was your first experience of being a travel blogger?


Gosh, I can’t remember. I started a digital magazine called Twinkle Style & Travel (which then became Stylecation and was then abandoned for my blog A Life With Frills), so it would have been through that. For personal reasons, I couldn’t really be away from the UK/Ireland, so I focussed on staycations and showing how the UK could be an interesting and luxurious holiday or weekend break destination. My first group press trip with other bloggers and journalists was to the 5-star Dromoland Castle in Ireland, which was wonderful.


  1. What sort of obstacles have you had to overcome to be a travel blogger?


I think just the same ones as everyone – building up my site and social media to get decent enough stats that PRs want to work with you. I also had to learn how to take good photographs and invest in a good camera. With the stats, it’s really just a time game, where you need to keep plugging away.


  1. What’s the biggest reward in your life of becoming a travel blogger?


Getting money-can’t-buy experiences and access – I’m not long back from Monte Carlo where I flew in a helicopter, went in a Ferrari through the Grand Prix track and had an insider look at the Pokerstars poker tournament.


  1. Where does your inspiration come for your next writing inspiration?


I think it’s a mixture of my own list of destinations that I want to visit or visit again, and what PRs pitch me. I work out trips combining both of those as inspiration. I also just try to not say no if something really exciting comes up – who cares if it’s a bit weird or scary – I just want to go for it anyway.


  1. What’s been your biggest learning of being a writer?


I’ve learnt not to push myself to write if I’m not feeling it – just wait a day or two until your mojo comes back. If you leave yourself enough time before your deadline, it’s easy to be flexible like this. Doing this makes my writing better and less rushed.


Finally, what’s next on your Bucket List?


I spent two weeks in LA earlier this year, and I NEED to go back there this year again as I loved it so much. I’d like to do a German Christmas market trip to the German/Swiss/Austrian mountains this winter too.


We’d like to say a special thanks to Laura and for a ton of travel reviews, fashion, DIY tutorials and entertaining tip head over to her blog or give her a shout on her Twitter: @lpearsonsmith


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